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Box Full of Sky
Box Full of Sky is a full-featured design studio focusing on producing high quality artwork that effectively communicate a client’s needs while offering a high level of creativity.  From helping visualize concepts and products to bringing life to a project Box Full of Sky is capable of meeting the challenge, as well as raising the bar on creativity and quality.

Established in 2004 by illustrator and designer Michael Lynch, Box Full of Sky is a one-man studio.  Operating in this way Box Full of Sky can offer a consistent level of quality across any given project.  It also offers a single point of contact for all clients – ensuring that any current, or future, projects will be met with the same level of commitment.

Starting out as a digital artist in 1994 the scope of Michael’s experience spans package design, product design, creation of corporate and personal identity, producing print-ready mechanicals, conceptual design, and illustration.  Utilizing Adobe CS4, Modo, and LightWave Michael focuses Box Full of Sky on helping clients achieve their visual needs.

Michael has always been driven by the creative process, and finds a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in the challenge of creating engaging visuals.  As a result Box Full of Sky is not only about creating an effective end result, but the process that leads to that end result as well.  The motto “It’s not just the destination, but the journey,” can aptly be applied to everything Box Full of Sky does.

So, you are invited to open the possibilities and enjoy the journey through Box Full of Sky.

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