About The Studio

What is a Box Full of Sky?


The sky is a beautiful and infinite expanse that offers a constant and stunning array of visual possibilities.  A box that contains such a thing could never be emptied, and filled with an infinite number of possibilities.


Who is Box Full of Sky?


Box Full of Sky is Mike Lynch - a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over 25 years of experience in product design, package design, advertising, CG Illustration, and logo design. Mike's passion for his work can easily be seen in his clean contemporary style which is coupled with bold color expressions to help businesses build a strong visual presence that is distinct, professional, and engaging. Companies such as Dentek, Coty Cosmetics, Cerruti, Lagerfeld, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Comp24 - and others - have all taken advantage of, and benefited from Mike's design sense.

How Can Box Full of Sky Help You?


By delivering the bold, clean, high quality design you need to express your needs or showcase your product. Being a studio of one allows clients a single point of contact throughout the course of a project. It also ensures consistency from project to project across a given client's projects.  Box Full of Sky is committed to creating high quality art work that will get you and your product noticed.  Box Full of Sky will work with you from concept to the finished project, so that you know your project will see the same care and dedication from the moment it enters the studio to the moment you receive the finished work.

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